The Dominica Council on Ageing, as a co-ordinationg body, builds, developes and

encorages the formation of Senior groups throughout the island. The Council

allows for the formation of groups and has a ceremony for every group

inaugurated into its membership as a Senior group.  



Provides an opportunity for Older Persons to come together,

socialize and help the most vulnerable Older Persons in the


The main functions of an SCA/groups

  • Providing social activities for older persons.
  • Assisting the poor and sick older persons.
  • Improving the social status of older persons.

Benefits of being a member of SCA/group

  • Mutual support and friendship with other members.
  • Support when sick, experiencing financial hardship or during emergencies.

3)  Participating in

 a) Ceremonies such as services for the sick, or locally arranged


 b)  Social activities such  as home visits and other planned activities

 c)  Activities to improve livelihoods, income, health and food security.

      Activities of an SCA

SCA/group develop activities for and in the interest of all

older persons inside and outside of the Association/group.

  • Day Centres
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Medical treatment
  • Home visitations
  • Exchange Visits
  • Sewing Clubs
  • Providing home care to frail and needy.
  • Health education

Responsibilities of Coordinator will be to:

  • Develop a programme of activities for the participants.

        Provide first aid in case of emergencies.

  • Ensure the provision of nutritious meals. 
  •  Purchase the necessary food items for the meals.
  • Identify members who need assistance for daily

                       living/health and report to SCA/group.

  • Provide educational sessions for the participants.
  • Prepare reports on activities of Day Centres.
  • Obtain consent from persons who express willingness to form a group.
  • Invite the DCOA Inc. to meet with your prospective members.


Develop roles and responsibilities also for the

SCA/group governing committee/ executive

committee  i.e. President, Vice-President, 

Treasurer and Secretary


1- This governing body is responsible forconducting meetings

      and managing activities effectively and efficiently.

2. SCA/group can also elect 1 group leader per every 10 members

    who will form part of the governing body as committee members

     and ensure that the interest of members are promoted on the committee.

3.   When needed SCA/group can also elect subcommittees to manage

          other activities of the SCA/group.

Leaders should frequently change, or as allowed for in the Rules

& Regulations of the SCA/group.

  • To ensure that the SCA/group is not dependent

on a few people to manage the activities.

  • To ensure that other persons develop leadership skills to fill vacant positions

  • To act in leadership roles when a leader may be sick or unable to fulfill his/her duties.

  • Ensuring Sustainability-Fundraising

Here are some suggestions:

  1.   Membership fees – A small membership fee or subscription can be

collected as stated in the rules of the SCA/group.Members must maintain

their subscriptions which maybe the only reliable

    2.  Special patrons.  Friends of the SCA/group can  also pledge a monthly fee.

     3.  Donations. SCA/group can receive donations   from friends local and overseas.

     4.   Income-generating activities. SCA/group can undertake small income-generating 

          activities such as cake sales, bazaars, backyard garden sales,

          catering services etc.

    5.    U.K. Adopt-A-Grand Fund

SCA Membership

To be truly effective in improving lives of older people, it is important to

involve older people in the planning and implementation of projects to

ensure that all members and the wide community can benefit from them.

  • Ensure that all views and ideas are listened to respectfully and that all members

                        are encouraged to participate.

  • Simple record keeping - Sample
    Minute taking by a member of the group.