The Dominica Council On Ageing is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organisation which was

established in 1993. It serves as a coordinating body for national groups concerned with the

welfare of Older Persons. The Council was registered under the 1994 Companies Act

of Dominica on June 18, 2004. It is known as Dominica Council On Ageing Inc. (DCOA Inc.)


The DCOA has been affiliated with Help Age International (HAI) from inception and became a

full-fledged member in 2011. The benefits of membership include:


  • Opportunity for capacity building
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Participation in campaigns and advocacy on a local, regional and international level
  • Networking, sharing and growth
  • International profile and  enhanced credibility through the use of the HelpAge brand


Vision, Mission, Core Values & Motto

The Vision of the DCOA Inc. is "to be an Autonomous, well respected effective and flexible

umbrella organization,  promoting the well-being of Older Persons who are empowered to

live life to the fullest.


The Mission of the DCOA Inc. is to be the umbrella coordiating organization to design and

provide programmes that meet the needs of Older Persons in Dominica through effective 

representation and mobilisation of all necessary resources to ensure they "Live Life to the



The Core Values of the DCOA Inc. are enshrined in its Motto : "Care, Cooperation ,

Commitment, Advocacy."


The Motto of DCOA Inc. is "Empowering older persons to live life to the Fullest."