1.  Organization’s year of establishment

The Dominica Council on Ageing Inc. is a voluntary, non-government, non-profit organization

established in 1993 and registered in June 2004 under the Companies Act of Dominica. The

DCOA ‘s Policy on Ageing  was adopted by Government in 1999.

The overall objectives of the Council are:

a) to empower Older Persons in Dominica through

promoting and facilitating implementation of the UN Principles of Older Persons and the

2002 MIPPA

b) to address issues which affect Older Persons in the Society.

Enclosed please find Brochure giving more details on Council.

     The present Board of Directors (BOD) is headed by the President Mrs. Zetma Toussaint

as well as an additional 2 supernumerary members. The BOD members are a very

enthusiastic, committed and dedicated team of individuals who works towards

effective functioning of the Council.


  1. Primary work areas and projects

As the main focus is Older Persons, the DCOA Inc. encourages the formation of

Senior Citizens Groups island-wide.  To date there are twenty eight (28) active

Senior Groups/Golden Age Groups island wide.


The main objective of the Senior Groups is to alleviate boredom and loneliness

through interaction and socialization, as well as advocacy. The Senior Groups

have varied programmes of activities.


Some of the national social activities organized are: the National Senior Games,

Sharing a Christmas Moment (Christmas Treat for Older Persons), Month of the

Elderly (September each year), U.N.Day of Older Persons, Annual National Rally

and Valentine’s Day Dinner as an annual fundraiser.


Advocacy work of the Council is continuing.  Workshops have been conducted

on Violence, Abuse & older People; Rights of Older Persons; and the most

recent Train-the-Trainers workshop on Healthy Ageing, held on November 25,

2011 and covered topics: Health of the Elderly; Chronic Non-Communicable

Diseases; Nutrition & Healthy Ageing; Wellness and Stress Management;

The Physician’s role in the Health of the Elderly and Preparing for the

Golden Age.


DCOA Inc. continues training in Care-Giving for Older persons and the most

recent 9-two day training sessions island-wide, were held in November and

December 2009.


  1. Membership of other networks

DCOA Inc. has  developed adhoc networking with other Regional Councils,

via email and it will soon establish its social media facebook page which will

facillitate this. Locally, it is in communication with its affiliate members by

email and newsletters/bulletins. Membership of the Council, includes 

senior groups, associated groups and individuals.


  1.  Collaboration with HAI (including ADA)

The Council has been a partner of HelpAge International (HAI) from its inception. 


DCOA Inc. has worked in collaboration with HAI Caribbean Regional Representatives,

on many projects.


The Council, however, became a registered affiliate of HelpAge International in

November 2009 and aspires to involve itself in networking with HAI other HAI

partners/affiliates to bring about marked improvements in its organization.


In 2007, DCOA Inc. was introduced to and held its first Age Demands Action

(ADA) campaign. Through this action, the DCOA meets the cabinet of ministers

of the government face to face to dialogue on matters pertaining to the welfare

and concerns of older persons. Successive joint activities re ADA have been

conducted in collaboration with REACH in 2008 and 2010  and continues.


The DCOA Inc. is in partnership with the Association of Qui Vivra Verra, a Senior

Group in Martinique. One of the objectives of the partnership is to have exchange

visits, the most recent one being in December 2011. The DCOA Inc. has also forged

partnership with another Martiniquian based Association, Association

Martiniquaise pou la promotion et L' insertion de L'Age D'Or ( AMDOR ). Since

then AMDOR has assisted in hosting several training programmes for Care givers

in Dominica. Exchange visits between the two members is ongoing.