Every corresponding two years, an Annual General Meeting (AGM)

is held by the Council at  the Fort Young Hotel. This Annual General

Meeting is designed to allow for the nominiation and election of new

board members to the Board of Directors of the Council


  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be convened no later than five months after the           

          end of the financial year to transact the following:


                   a)     Present and confirm the Minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting

                   b)     Matters arising therefrom

                   c)     Present and adopt the Board of Directors Report,

                   d)    Audited Financial Statements

                   e)     Present highlights of group activities

                   f)     Present Work Programme and Budget for the coming year.

                   g)    Present and adopt any amendments to the constitution and byelaws.

                   h)    Consider and approve Resolutions submitted to the meeting.

                    i)    Election of members of the Board of Directors

                    j)    Appointment of Chairpersons of Standing Committees

                   k)    Any other business

                    l)    Adjournment


  1.  The date of the Annual General Meeting shall be decided by the Board of         


  1.  Matters to be included on the Agenda for the meeting shall be received  by 

          the Secretary no later than two (2) months prior to the date of he AGM  

  1.  At least one month prior to the meeting the Secretary shall circulate to the members all

           relevant reports, all proposed amendments to the Constitution and any other matter as

           directed by the Board of Directors.

   A quorum shall constitute one third of the financial members

 The Board, on convening an Annual General Meeting shall decide whether there will be

              a formal session which should  last no more than  one (1) hour.