Dominica's 1st. Centenarian for 2017


On January 24th 2017, Theresa  "Mamie" Alexander of Loubiere Village, joined the elite club of Dominicans when she celebrated her 100th birthday. This latest addition drives up the tally of Dominica centenarians  alive to 25.

Mrs. Alexander celebrated her birthday with a Thanksgiving Mass at the Loubiere Chapel followed by a gala at the Loubiere Resource Centre attended by His Excellency President (acting) Conrad McIntyre, the Parliamentary Representative for Roseau South, Mr. Joshua Francis, the President of the Dominica Council On Ageing, Mrs. Zetma Toussaint, her only son Morgan Toulon, and numerous relatives and friends. She was toasted, congratulated and presented with gifts many who were in attendance.   

Her biography as read on that day follows as:DSC_0479


"Mamie Theresa Gasper Nee Alexander was born on the 24th January 1917, to Mrs Alice Alexander Nee Letang and Mr Cherrie Alexander. She is the last child of her mother’s thirteen (13) children.  She was born and raised by her parents at Lahaut road Loubiere, at the very same place where she resides today.


She attained standard three level of education.   At the tender age of twelve (12) she began a career as a of domestic worker, washing, scrubbing and cleaning for various families in Roseau and environs.  She considered herself fortunate to have worked for families such as:  the Winstons of Evergreen Hotel and Goodwill and the Toulons and Royer families of Roseau; no wonder she prefers highly coloured people as we know them "coulear wiaya".


 It was while working with the Toulon family that she fell in love with one of the Toulon’s son.  Their union produced her only son Mr Morgan Toulon, her proud possession.  He will be 78 years old on 1 May 2017. Her recollection of the relationship was  bitter sweet;  but she being the woman that  she is, dwelt only on the sweet part, that of love and care which was bestowed on her and her son by the Toulon family.


Mamie eventually got married to Mr Sampson Gasper who was five years older than her.   They had no children, but their relationship was one of love and happiness. He predeceased her in the year 2002.


Mamie consumed a healthy diet.  She ate fish every-day, since her brother –in- law would supply her daily with fish from his fish pots.  She also played hard, with the cast rum, her favourite. As the saying goes, she would give rum good blows but never get drunk. Her main hobbies included talking and walking. Yes, she had a sharp tongue and like using the curse words.  She attributes her love for walking assisted her in being healthy, attaining her 100th birthday with having no non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes. She would walk daily from Loubiere to Roseau, it was not a matter of not having bus fare;  that she always had. She just preferred to walk. .  Her eye sight is first class and she has retained most of her teeth  


Mamie is a devout Roman Catholic.   She attended church regular until 2013, when she took a fall which limited her movements.  She still attends church, but have to be transported by someone.  


Mamie sees life as a wonderful thing. She is proud to have reached such a milestone. She considers herself to be blessed, and hope to reach the age of 102, the same as her mother who died in 1977 at the age of 102.


Mamie is happy to celebrate today with her son Morgan, and her three grand -children, her 2 nephews  -Pit Alexander, and Leonard Francis. Neices – Patricia Harrigan, Edris Anselm, Majorie Hill and Vanya. Grand Nephews  - Mc Kay Matthew, Reginald and Newtown Winston, Brian Damian, Marcel Harrigan, Kelvin Bernard,  Richard Hill, Jeffrey Tavernier and Clancy Shillingford. Grand Neices – Rosamond Lebruin, Primrose, Averil and Judy Matthew, Debbie Young, Beverly Karam, Valarie and Nicole Winston, Noreen, Barbara, Susan and Sharon Hill. 15 Great Great Grand Nephews, 18 Great Great Grand Nieces.


Cousins:   Joyce Victorine and family, Myrtle Celaire and family, Shirley Lawrence and family, Roy and Lipson Lugay.   Numerous other cousins including the Alexanders, Matthew, and  Letang families of Loubiere.


Mamie has been grateful for life and gives thanks every day to her Lord, for her caretakers, family, loved ones and friends and thanks all those sharing in this momentous occasion of her 100th birthday with her.


 The day's celebration was conducted by  her grand-nephew Marcel Harrigan. Mrs. Rosamond Lebruin, her grand niece and caretaker delivered the vote of thanks